The Black Mamba

The Black Mamba

Not to be confused with the "Black Mama". There has to be a divine connection? Respect and both are highly effective! (smile)

The black mamba is the deadliest snake in the world.

A rattle snake doesn't stand a chance? The Black Mamba has a coffin shaped head and grows 14 feet long and can travel at speeds of up to 12 mph.

They are not actually black but have a brownish-gray colored body with a light belly and brownish scales along its back.

It gets its name from the color of the lining of its mouth, which is purple-black and is displayed when threatened.

It lives in South Africa and I have heard about it in a few other places in Africa. It likes open, low habitats such as savannas, rocky places and open woodlands and is most active during the day!

It often sleeps in hollow trees, burrows, rock crevices, or empty termite mounds, and will come back to the same place every night.

I understand that being within 75 feet of this snake can put you in danger zone. It's very protective. The Black Mamba and The Black Mama.

The Black Mama
Let the Light Jesus - enlighten you.
Let the Way Jesus- lead you.
Let the Love Jesus- inflame you.
Let the Life Jesus- live in you.
For He is the Truth to be told.
The way to be walked.
The love to be loved.
The life to be lived.-- Mother Teresa

The black widow spider!

(((your inner voice)))

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