Black Women Speak Out about "Nasty White Women"!

Black women speak out about how nasty White women are. Is there any truth to this myth?

Talking about how abusive, irresponsible and good for nothing Black Men are? How low can you go?

There is nothing worse than “White women ignoring Black men”. You would think why, don’t we have some of the same struggles at heart? Domestic violence?

So why does Black Women accuse White Women of being so “nasty”? And I tend to agree! When you talk about this subject, Hitler is a Saint! I don’t care how clean a White Woman may be, there are going to be good self-respecting black women who consider them “nasty”. It has nothing to do with how much money, education, power, and position, mild or meek a White Woman may have or be, there are going to be Black Women who accuse them of being nasty.

Now, this is nothing new and is very deep rooted within the Black Culture, don’t care if she is a saint or sinner, queen or peasant – To them “All White Women are just nasty”. See the definition of nasty – Personal hygiene?.

What does that mean? They cannot be trusted? Is it a superstition? Good black men are falling for white trash? Will they invite them to their churches? What about family gatherings? Can Black Women and White Women have anything above a working relationship? What kind of anger rage does that incite? What about education? Religion? Love and help thy neighbor? Personal relationships and growth? Just ain’t going to happen! All of that goes out the window when it comes down to a Black Woman accepting the friendship of a White Woman.

Is there any truth to this myth? Black women have intimately worked for and with white women throughout the history of America. During all this time, black women have had ample opportunities to observe the intimate behaviors of the best white women, yet it has grown into a love/hate relationship. What did black women learn about white women that would cause “white women are nasty” to be branded into their souls?

Can you change that attitude or mentality? Is it worth it? There is a trust issue that black women have learned about white women, which says white women are not to be trusted. Yes, that is so, but how do we get over it? Black women feel to treat white women the same way as white women have historically treated them, that this is the best way to deal with this matter. It is like “don’t ask, don’t tell”?

Is it worth it? Yes, it is! Because White Men feel the same way about Black Men and this is how the race card stays alive. When you look behind the scene in America these types of attitudes and relationships are what is holding us back. Why would we have to force any "rationally thinking man" to share "Human Rights"?

How do you change? Understand this kind of thinking is not rational. How can you be a good person, much less a Christian with these kinds of thoughts in your heart? Understand that Black Folk, Native Americans and anybody else who knows White Americans, know they have been “notorious liars all their lives”.

Let’s face it, America is run by White Americans and look at what it has become. Could Black or Native Americans do any better? Then why don’t we prove it?

Does our neighborhoods and communities look the way they do because of oppression? Are black women any less evil or hypocritical? Are our churches any less corrupt and racist because of our good faith? Are we any more independent? Are our relationships, children and our future brighter because of the good wholesome skills we practice at work and home? Are we any more loving and forgiving or do we just want the comforts? Is domestic violence and abuse any less? Are we the example we want to follow? Are we the change we want to see? “Two nasties” do not make a clean?

What are we hiding? I am going to invite you so you can go with me? Now, can we see ourselves as equals? Together, can we pick up the pieces and move forward? Do you have the courage? Will you act? Is it all about "the here and now" or is it about the future? How bright are you willing to make it?

Life offers many opportunities to learn. Often those opportunities involve difficult experiences through which we achieve greater understanding of ourselves and the world. Teach and admonish one another in all wisdom.

Are you itching - Personal hygiene?

Dealing with real issues from the bottom up! (((your inner

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