12 percent of my brain

Means 88 percent of my brain power is not being used?

I am a celebrity, what difference does that make? What about all the hard working people of this country? Do we really care?

The Creator In You is the way it got started, then it went to being contacted by Backpacker magazine about some photos I wished I owned. I should have told that lady I owned those photos. Anyway, if I am going to be about something, I must create it.

People who cannot create, just ain't shit, from where I come. They die and their flesh stays here and stink? Remember, how clean and pristine our land was when you first arrived? Now, that you have got your "big fat ass" here, our land stinks to the High Heavens. If you cannot smell it, you need to have your head examined. The crazy thing about that all is,,,,YOU DO NOT EVEN KNOW THE DIFFERNCE. Talking about terrorist attacks!

Garbage Alone, We have created more garbage than any other group of people on the earth. What about truths, liberty and justice "FOR ALL"? At any time in the world, Were there ever more Bullies, liars and cheaters? Think about shit! Know who you really are! Bailouts,,, the question is: Was that the root cause of the problem. If your kid lost his money first time, would you give him even more as an incentive to be more responsible?

So who is going to bail us out?

Are you a Creator or Victim? Are we Creators or Victims? Is our economy a victim of our creativity? Oh, I am supposed to be motivating you, talking about something POSITIVE. Positive is on the right side of the zero isn’t it?

WHAT IF, On a scale of 1 to 100, someone rated you a 12 in everything you do. Would you believe it? Would it be true? What would that be saying? Reckon you could make the cut-off score? Would you pass school? So how are we doing that now, right now?

What about we cultivate less than 12% of our farm land? What about we don’t even want to cultivate that? The Cultivator would be another good title. Let’s see,,,CEO or Cultivator or Land? I am reminded of the tv program, where the Boss goes undercover, to learn what’s REALLY going on in his COMPANY. Or was that to learn who was bullshitting? Kinda hard head to bullshit a bullshitter? Have you ever heard those words? Well it used to be a time. Now, you confront an employee about poor job performance and you are subject to be fired and/or sued. Confront a child in school about poor performance and if you survive, you more than likely will meet your CREATOR.

For you nice CHURCH GOING PEOPLE, Think about it this way??? Your God created a people who only use less than 12% of their brains, their whole lives? Those are the people who dragged you off into slavery. Now, you know how slavery came about?

Think about it this way? They are the same people who were determined to improve upon what the American Indians had? GO FIGURE! The system the American Indians were using was so GREAT, these Pilgrim people embraced it, wanted to and stole it. They took it, took over it and NOW LOOK? Above all, we are so STUPID, WE CALL THIS good.

We have gone from using more than 12% of our brains to using less than 12%. And today, we boast more than ever. Where is your creative spirit? All of that which fulfills your curious nature? I understand people use less than 12% of their brain, their whole lives. I guess my question is what happens when we use more. How much more effort does it take to use .5% more?

Myself, I consider myself pretty sharp, not because of me, but because of the people by which I am surrounded. Now, who are they? Are they the people running our Government? Are they the people who allowed our BOOMING ECONOMY TO SLIP AWAY? We are talking about people who use much less than 12% of their brains now.

To heck with whether or not you attend church, have money and power, an outstanding community worker or fancy politician? What good are you doing if you are using less than 12% of your brain, at any given time? Personally, I take offense to my “supposed to be leaders” and them using less than 12% of their brains to do that. Or does that less than using 12% of their brain apply to them.

Now, I am supposed to be A Creator and it only takes other creators to use more than 12% of their brain to destroy me? Really, think about the reality of that? What kind of person am I? What kind of human being would think he could survive never using more than 12 % of his brain? These numbers are staggering! Personally, I could not believe that. Now, I am supposed to be a number one world power, technologically advanced, “kick ass country” of people who use less than 12% of their brains?

Now, if I do not have anything? If my religion is not working, my economy, my health care,,, would that explain anything? What about my priorities, my budget, my health? Do I even have sense enough to do anything about it? MY CREATOR IS A MONSTER and I and MY Life is an accident waiting to happen?

Do we have reason to use more than 12% of our brain Well, I do not like to think either. Thinking is work? Thinking means work! Thinking means being obedient to your spirit. Why think it if you are not going to do anything about it? Why waste brain cells? Alzheimer’s, reckon they use more than 12% of their brain! Is that how they get-away?

As I look around and see all these intellectually smart, environmentally friendly, money hungry aliens, from out space ruining this country, I now understand why I do not understand.

So Art what are you going to do? I am going to use .5% more of my brain and see how things work out.

How are you going to build yourself up when you keep telling lies, cheating and failing to face reality? How long can you and will you get by on "The Fake It Till YOu Make" attitude? IF we made all stupid shit til now, where is the change? Are you wiser? Smarter? More good looking? MOre intellectual? More CREATIVE?

(((your inner voice.com)))

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