Will Humans Ruin This Earth

You've seen where bad guys threaten to destroy the Earth. You have also heard claims of violence, immorality, global warming, wars or mismanagement of people and resources threatens to end the world.

What is happening is we are consuming our energies and resources faster than they can be replenished; therefore, will perish at the hands of our own Greed, if we are not more effective and efficient. Just like with anything else you abuse, we will destroy ourselves, in the world. This is the direction in which we are headed now.

As we see what is really happening, there is great reason to be concerned, so these kinds of questions are quickly rising to the forefront, and rightfully so. Like a dream, information is being revealed to us. How long will it be before we trust what is being revealed and respond accordingly? Until, we humans have serious reason to be concerned and apprehensive about what is coming on the world. Should "immediate and appropriate action" not be taken, we will together suffer, except may be those who are most prepared.

Even more important than how humans will vanish themselves from the earth is the act of that happening is closer than we would like to think. Therefore, even more reason to take appropriate action immediately.

Quite to the contrary, while even the earth is but one grain of sand compared to the universe, all we know and do not know, all we see and cannot see is smaller than the tiniest grain of sand to the ocean.


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