Building A Stronger America

Build People!

Now, I feel more hopeless than before I started. You know, in a way it reminds me of my website and altruisms. Those that criticize me for what I do and tell me I am not qualified, it's my OPINION, all in exchange for blindly accepting what they would like to refer to as "more credible" means of information.

Why do you help people who do not need help nor want help? If you have a job, you have credit, if not what are you suppose to do?

Think about this for a moment, if you have a job why do you need credit? So we only give credit to those with a means to pay back? Okay, now think on all the people with jobs and get credit and do not pay back and cannot pay?

Credit to the right poor person can be just as devastating as credit to wrong person.  Many wrong people are working hard to pay back and many right people have a loop hole.

Build People and people will build your business. 

(((your inner

For what are you working

Stronger Together

Build a stronger America

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