cannibalism and the taste of human flesh

Are you curious about the cannibal experience, yet haunted by the task of reproducing it? Eating human flesh what does it taste like?

From where comes these questions? I never thought I would need this kind of information again? Do people really eat the placenta after childbirth, "placentophagy"? Does it taste like osters or so?

1992 - 1996, while visiting, West Africa, I attended a tour of a port, which was used to house slaves. Gorée and Jufureh.

I confuse the names now, but this was one of the largest ports in Africa for the transportation of slaves and it was located just off the coast of The Gambia, I think Jamestown.

I asked how did they keep them all fed and what did I want to do that for? I was told cannibalism was one way.

So what was the taste, texture and smell? He said human flesh taste just like pork. That everything about human flesh is just like pork. Unlike beef, pork is a little sweeter and softer in texture. I was surprised he did not say chicken?

So human flesh taste just like pork! Is that why researchers use pork when testing the probability of something on human flesh? How do they know?

Have you unintentionally eaten human flesh? What's the likelihood? Hot dogs and bolona! You no somebody has tried it.

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