Cannibalism is my test

Art the cannibal

For the meat lover in you? Give me the meat lover's special.

So where do you draw your line?

I know you are a lot more sophisticated when choosing your meals? You know so much calling yourself civilized. Always saying what you would never do, I would like to think I am too!

I practice cannibalism and here is how? As a bonafide cannibal here is how I prepare? What on the menu today, meat with vegetables?

So I get all dolled up, adorning myself with my finest. The whole process is quite invigorating, as I lick my chops. And if I am accompanied, it's like lions on a kill.

And you say cannibalism is a sin, but think about that as I describe my meal.

Kosher, now where is my sharpest knife? Jews stay a war with somebody.

From hog head cheese -goats, sheep, cows, hogs and chickens- to BBQed pig feet, what's missing? We are who we are, white, dark, thighs, breast, gizzard, liver and tripe?

Rotten, rancid or contaminated, pass the catsup, mustard, salt, pepper, sugar and lemon.

Steroids, greedy, over eating and obesity, as carnivores it’s entertaining to pump you up to be devoured the old fashion way. Do you realize the implications of capital punishment, will you grease me up before I am fried.

You smoke house if full of meat hanging, I dream about just getting one side?

Fast food, rats, roaches, bugs, flies and their droppings, what’s in your box of cereal, hot dog, hamburger or fries? Do you only eat with your eyes?

Just what do all carnivores eat and you are at the top of the food chain.

You may call me a sick ass cannibal to hide your shame, but when you think on the things you do and fail to do, eating meat and it is all the same?

You really can't get around it, because meat causes vegetables to grow. So where is the chemical imbalance?

Wars, slavery, crime, poverty, predatory practices, disease and manmade disasters, there is no reason for me to kill. I can't understand what you get out of senseless killings.

When asked about it, you have unlimited answers, Chinese food, the economy, creating more jobs, treating yourself, backyard gatherings and sophisticated restaurants? How do you see that as saving souls?

But does the animal in you really care?

We are all one spirit, eat like that!

(((your inner

The taste of human flesh

Con artists at their best?

Albino children murdered.

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