Con Artists

The Best of the Best !

When it comes to your money, who is conning who? Where are the best of the best Con Artists and who is their target audience?

This is really scary! Conning someone out of money is it really illegal? Then what is happening?

Con artists can trick you out of your money by taking advantage of any "weaknesses they can discover". Learn about con artists and con artist tactics.

Cannibalism, are Americans conning Americans? Who is bailing out who? Do we need to be more concerned and weary of our own people, more than we need to be concerned and weary of local con artists, scammers or terrorists? Has things really gotten this bad? Must we stoop this low in our services to our own people? Is this from where comes the term, “there is a sucker born every minute”?

Life is risky enough without worrying whether or not your own kind is fleecing you. I am sick and tired of being con-ed. It is high time to let them know, we know exactly who they are and what they are doing. It is only economically possible for this to go so far, for so long before the dam breaks and then what?

The Forever Stamps, Real Estate, Utilities companies, Oil companies, Predatory lenders, Food suppliers, Medical industry, Religions, Auto makers, Insurance Companies, phone companies…???

These are all major corporations committed to offering products and services to American consumers at the best possible price. Why do prices continue to skyrocket as Americans pay more and more for less? Where and what are the price ceilings for these guys, that I am about to refer to as “the best of the best Con Artists”?

What kind of games are our cooperate con artists playing and how long do they think they can get away with them? To what end can all this come? Do they care? Does the thought of all that occur to you?

Con artists make money through deception, creating doubt, confusion and chaos, taking advantage of the situation. They lie, cheat and steal people into thinking they are being presented with a great deal or easy money, when their companies are the only ones getting a good deal. The term Con Artist is short for confidence artist, who gain your confidence just long enough to get their hands on your money. They care more about profits than the quality of the product or service they provide. If it was the other way around, we would better manage our resources. What happens when you run out of money or are late with a payment? What happens when they run out of money or late? Do they really give “a rat’s ass” about you or our economy? They will try and murder you, yet expect you to bail them out.

What kind of cons are Con Artists running: Counterfeiting, Money Laundering and Investment Scams - deals too good to be true. Consumers of any age or gender fall victim to con artists. What about late charges and extended warranties? They know huge returns with no risk get your attention and money, guaranteed. Products and services start out affordable, but no matter how much you pay, prices never go down, just up. The better question is, What kind of cons are not they running?

How do you spot a con artist? You cannot until somebody has been had, hence, the term “artist”. Con artists are even family members. They are not stupid and know it is in their best interest to perfect whatever look needed to sucker you out of your money. Even though we know we are being screwed, when it comes to our American corporate con artists, which are the best of the best, the American people tend to be quite amicable.

What does the average con artist look like? Is this an "us" or "them"? con artist Con artists take full advantage of technology, hence conning is a whole lot easier. You will never know until somebody has been had. Like predator at prey, con artists are at people. Most often they work in well organized groups, but can work alone. Whatever it takes to blend and disguise their evil motives and are good at moving often and quickly. This does not necessarily mean a physical move. Any move to keep you off balance and not knowing exactly what they are up-to? Does this not accurately describe and apply to the companies above? In a 30 day window, before you can pay one bill, another is already on the way and that process is getting faster all the time?

Americans have become too comfortable with the man in the middle between them and their money – auto pay. Greed takes advantage of the Greedy.

How to avoid con artists? How do you protect yourself? How do you avoid something you refuse to see? How do you avoid corporate greed? Money and power, you'll have to be one to know one! So like animals to slaughter, we continue going along with the program? The phrase, “If you cannot beat them, join them” has gotten the best of us. This makes us all sitting ducks, just for the plucking. You can give all the tips you want, but they will never work. Don’t you know the best of the best con artists are smarter than YOU? Is that okay?

You cannot avoid them because you are never going to have enough information to know them or prove anything, not when it comes to the best of the best. There "them" and "us". The only way to avoid con artists is to know and abide by the Seven Deadly Sins! and we are just not willing and do not care enough to do that.

As individuals, we must be on the same sheet of music to be on the same sheet as a whole. People must change.


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