Celebrate Responsibly

Let's see? Celebrate responsibly or?

We should celebrate everyday. Celebrate your blessings.

Causing hurt, harm or danger is nothing to celebrate and has nothing to do with celebration. As a matter of fact, it is just the opposite, they will ruin a celebration. Now, we say, we do not celebrate them but we do? About people who start wars.

Mercenaries? When do you lay aside your weapons? Which day is truly a celebration of peace? So, by now it takes the presence of guns to have a peaceful celebration?

As long as you are fighting, we will be celebrating. There would be no incentive to fight if you felt no one cared. Most of our heroes come in the form of characters who are endowed with great courage and strength through some form of violence.

We have made our lives where it no longer pays to be good. We have got it backwards and are teaching others to do the same. Looks like the more responsible we celebrate, the more guns required.

Any more we are so confused on celebration, we do not know what to celebrate. Well, with celebrate responsibly, this is telling us that we do not know how to celebrate. Why is that? Add zero tolerance and the war is on.

Fines are also off the grid.

So as you attempt to celebrate responsibly, the evil forces will be looking for you. They have already made the challenge and while you are sleeping they are preparing. They will be dressed in monkey suits, racially profiling and trying to smell your breath.

Celebrate a little everyday and you will not want to go crazy on one day.

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