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My Chrismon Tree 2010,,,Whatever you do, be more practical in celebrating?

Spread holiday cheer for LESS! Reshape Yourself for the Holidays!

Ever really think about, seriously think about what we do in preparation for the biggest and most spiritual holiday of the year? Currently, if you do not have funds, you are going to have a pretty poor Christmas. Have we really forsaken the spiritual meaning and aspect of the holiday season? What does it have to do with buying and selling? Money and how much it cost should never come up? Why cut a tree? This way, it all seems to be a contradiction in terms. Are we becoming more or less practical?

People are becoming more confused, do you say, Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, what is the accepted greeting for wishing anyone in America, Merry Christmas? Can you pray together? What about the Ten Commandments?

There are really some people who believe and it is getting more, nothing can be done without money. Kind of sad, when you really think about the real meaning of Christmas.

Chrismon Tree, this practice began with a Lutheran pastor, Mr. George Pass, in 1940.

Instead of the usual pretty but meaningless shiny balls, Santa Clauses and reindeer, hand-make decorations for your Christmas tree that symbolize the full spiritual meaning of Christmas and realize a deeper meaning for the season. It is not what can be made for you, but what can you make for someone else?

Be ever more creative, you don't even need to cut down a tree just to throw away. How about planting a tree? Decorate a tree or bush that's already there. Whatever you do, be more practical in celebrating.

Lights and electricity is not a must. Oh What Fun! What better way to spend quite, quality and thought provoking time with significant others? Where are my candy canes?

Today the Chrismon Tree is a common sight all over the United States. “Chrismon” is a combination of two words, “Christ,” and “monogram.” A Chrismon is just that -- a monogram of Christ.

May this Christmas season be Christ-centered, and not the commercial secular blast of the world!

The most popular Saint of all?

(((your inner


What is a Chrismon Tree

Symbols of the Chrismon Tree

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