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Where is the largest room? If I have said it once, I've said it a thousand times - SHARE.

Is there ever a time to be lazy?

We should practice sharing daily, but the holiday makes sharing special. It a united sign, universal, all in unison, all at once. That is what the holidays are all about, getting on the same sheet of music.

Now, for numerous reasons, there are those of us who do and those of us who don't. The key is to never stop sharing.

As complicated as the holiday's can be, there's got to be room for joy and generosity, gratitude and goodness, peace on earth, goodwill toward everyone!" --Oprah Winfrey

Family and friends bonding, rekindling and strengthening relationships and spirit committments.

How can that happen without YOU?

Enjoy your holidays.

(((your inner

Get off your lazy ass and SHARE


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