Church People and Police

Safety issues, accidents can and do happen but when is a church not a church?

Shooting at the church, Guns in Church, Art is always writing about something that ain’t worth a crap. He gets nothing, but he continues to bring them to our attention, “What’s really going on”. So what does this little article bring to light? Why should you know this? Do you mean we cannot come to church in peace anymore?

We talk about the violence in Egypt and other foreign places, but what is really going on at home? How does things get so violent and out of control in church? Are churches no different? At one time it was the kids, today it is the adults.

Today, Police are at churches more than ever and it is not because they need religion or want to be saved. That is good too, but increasingly police are at churches because Church people do not know how to behave themselves. Well, if they did, there would be no reason for the police. The violent church goers are not vandalizing cars in the parking lot, but are actually taking their anger and frustration out at church by arguing, threatening, being armed, fighting and shooting.

Further, I understand there is a controversial “Gun in Church bill” being put forth that would allow you to at least feel more comforted by the presence of your gun in the house of the Lord. It would allow those who have concealed carry permits to take their guns into places that are currently off limits, such as churches, school zones, bars and college campuses. Are there any places left to worship, learn and play in peace?

Churches are supposed to be safe places for people to attend worship, especially Christians, not requiring police protection or weapons to attend. Churches act as humble sacred places, inviting all to attend worship services. So, what do you do when you visit a neighboring church patrolled by police? Do you keep going? When is a church not a church?

As violence creeps ever closer, what measures will religious institutions take to protect themselves? Will guns help with faith? Will church goers try to cover what is really unraveling inside the house of the God?

Religious institutions in crime-ridden or "declining neighborhoods" need the added protection to ward off thieves and muggers. Is this just an excuse? Is it the same as Egypt? Why? It did not used to be like that. When did this trend start?

Most recently, I went to a church where cops were policing the parking lot. I asked why and the officer said, Because young people are coming here starting fights.

What made them come to this church to fight? Nobody knows except willing participants. Church leaders are depending on the local police for protection.

Guns in church makes a church no different than any other secular establishment. Schools and now churches!


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