Fighting After School

Are the fights territorial battles, rights to passage, rights to mate?

Or are they an indication of just how poor our home training is?

Fighting in our school system, why do so many young adults fight during and after school? How does this work for the good of all?

We severely criticize our politicians for starting wars, our parents for domestic violence and divorce and our neighbors for gang violence; so why do our children fight so much during and after school? What kind of business do school age children have to settle?

Are these territorial wars, rights to passage or mate? Is is just silly stuff, indications of poor home training and stupidity? How will we break this vicious curse? Who is responsible? How intelligent or smart are we really?

Bullying, our children pick figthts with each other. It all boils down to relationships, Chill the fuck out and whenever we have an opportunity, let us work for the good of all!

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