Concerned, is there reason

Does being or not being concerned make any difference?

Most say, Why is Art so concerned, what can he do, where is he going with this?

Concern, is there a reason to be. At times, I wrestle with the thought of that? There really is no reason to be concerned, unless you see a reason to be.

I am concerned over the end of poverty, inflation, brutality, double standards. I am concerned about my ability to do my job. I want to make sure it is done well.

Why am I concerned? Because all of that effects me and if I am not concerned, I will just get run over.

How does the act of being concerned make a difference? Is it better not to concern yourself with what it is you want to do? For example: If you are working for something, should you stop, out of lack of concern? So if you are not working for anything, then there is no reason to be concerned. What about to see a positive change and to be apart of that change? Here is another example: Politicians everywhere are scrambling around raising money and issues, does that mean they are concerned? If our leaders are concerned, is that just cause for me to be?

Being unconcerned, many people suffer because others are too concerned for self and not willing to help where they can? Being unconcerned, due to information overload? Being unconcerned because the problems are too great? There are more reasons to be unconcerned than to be concerned.

About what is there to be concerned? Lack Of Knowledge is the major reason to be concerned. That is how you keep a good person down, just ignore them. Yes, I am concerned that I listen well and echo what is being revealed to me- great communications and to be as effective and efficient as possible.

Do I have all the answers? No, but I do have a plan. It does no good to tell people what to do, but to put it out there and may be meeting like minds. Just like any other responsible family member, I am concerned I carry my fair share of the load and do it in a timely manner-wisdom. I will remain concerned until I meet my goal.

My goal is to have a large modern day farm, to be an example of how I think it should be. To demonstrate there is a better way?

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