Darked Skinned People

What's going on with ya'll? Are darked skinned people really threatening?


It might sound stupid but it cannot be ignored! I do not see skin color, what does that mean?

Sometimes I think about my skin color and wonder why hatred, resentment and discrimination exist across the globe, just due to a difference in skin color? It seems the darker your skin color the more you are preceived as a threat.

Even though we know skin color does not matter, lighter skinned people seem to be more in control. As they are in control, they discriminate against dark skinned people. That is where the problem is.

Good looking people are more accepted in our society than people considered ugly. Our society literally turns its back on darked skinned people. Beaten to a pulp just due a difference in skin color. If a mob feels threatened, they get worked up into a frenzy. Dark skinned people do not even want to be dark skinned? Is that a fluke or what?

It seems there is a global effort to make dark skinned people lighter. In mass media, I see many public figures start out dark skinned and as they grow in popularity, they become lighter skinned. What is the global mentality?

  • Does being dark skinned make you more evil than lighter skinned people?

  • What is the significance of being Darked Skinned?

  • Why do White Skinned people feel threatened by dark skinned people?

  • Why is skin color or demographics so important to the government of civilized countries?

  • Why does skin color even matter?

  • Is being dark skinned a "disabling handicap"?

  • Is it skin color or Nationality?

    Are these enough reasons for dark skinned people to hate light skin people?

Your color is so uniformed, so even, I am prejudice. No wrinkles and so smooth, I'm not offended, I embrace that. It is really a fear of the unknown! Dark night, bad guys, the darker things are the more they seem threatening.

So many police altercations and people are killed just due to a "silly way of seeing things". People are afraid to talk openly about skin color. Educational, respectful, enlightening, why can not we openly talk about our differences?

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