Conquered From Within

Has America been conquered again?

Has America been conquered from within? People - To conquer your fears it starts from within. Isn’t it the same with our country?

Just take a look around, by what kind of people are we surrounded? Is a man demanding to be armed courageous, confident in his own abilities or is he insecure and looking for a fight? Have we already been infiltrated? By whom? Do you know them, their intentions?

Whose predator and prey or are we all equal, in America? Will they allow you to pray in public? Do "they" have your best interest at heart? Are "they" out to destroy you? These people have been able to insert themselves between the American people and the American government. Follow the money trail? What language are you being encouraged to learn, why? Which languages do we avoid?

They have good businesses and they are coming in droves and waves. We go to them for many things we need, but before long you will need to go to them for it all. Your jobs and your prices, they have them. Right now, you are working to feed them. Your hard earned dollars flows to them and then to where?

America’s tolerance for slavery, cronyism and our long and despicable history of discriminating against and oppressing each other, even our seniors, children, women, homosexuals, handicapped, land and resources.

How is our educational system, 911?

Deliver us from ourselves?

From the inside looking out, America as we know it, has already been infiltrated and conquered on all fronts. Yes, it has already happened and has been happening for a long time.

When did these ideas start to formulate in the minds of the infiltrators? Are we too blind to see? Do we have the slightest clue?

The recession, our eyes and ears never saw it coming, why not? What are we doing? What are we going to do? Upon which political leader can you depend? Out of 545, give or take 4 or 5?

Does this message speak to you? Does this message resonate with your body, mind and spirit? Then what are you going to do? This message has to hit home and Americans must take immediate action before it is too late? I don't know what I am talking about, but you do. Who does not want to do what they can to strengthen  their country? Why would one people make a living of robbing another and sending it back to their queen? So will you have the courage to share this message in all you do or will you be helpless in the struggle? It is what it is!

Taking back your life?


Differences Between White Folk Shit and Black Folk Shit in America"

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