Gwinnett County School District Slavery Test 2012

Do they have reason to be?

I normally don't isolate and write about incidents like this, they are too numerous to mention in America, in your hometown.

The inhumane treatment of one human being upon another, one people to another is not just a problem unique to Gwinnett County Schools, but an American problem, in every industry, a GLOBAL problem and will continue until you change your stupid ass ways. So don't act outraged or surprised because this is minor to what's really going on in 2012. We continue to treat the symptoms, while ignoring the problem. Now, you would divorce your husband so why not divorce wicked people? What you're doing is like calling the Fire Department after your house burned down or pissing on a raging fire; prevention is worth a pound of cure. You put your children in harm’s way, yet expect them to be treated, unlike they treat you.

If they don't respect Barack, what makes you think they (the ruling class) is going to respect you? You see, you give your enemy the stick, yes and you beg them to take the stick from you and beat you and your family members on the head with it.

We need help, we must admit it and it needs to come from the Outside. Do you think these "mother fuckers" are going to help you? If slavery, riots, boycotts, marchers, education... and all that other shit haven't worked, what next?

A close friend shared this with me. How RACIST AND INHUMANE can you be before being referred to or called a racist and a "dumb ass one" at that? First, you must be "sick", then stupid and then racist to commit such an inhumane act a people and even more so, against their children. And in doing so, you are calling attention and seeking help for self.

homework assignment refers to slavery beatings in math problems. What about loans, healthcare, food, housing, transportation...?

Sources say Several parents were outraged after their young children brought home such a math assignment. It wouldn't have been a problem had the questions been positive, but they were “scornful and inappropriate", highlighting and mocking the inhumane treatment of African-Americans during slavery.

One math problem: “If Frederick got two beatings per day, how many beatings did he get in 1 one week?”

What kind of shit is that and think, they get paid good tax dollars to produce it and pass it on to your children. This teacher is just one of many, just one more incident to prove, what you fail to admit. What kind of people would allow their enemy to train up their children?

Test questions like this shouldn’t be asked of any human being and especially in an academic setting. What kind of responsible person would present such negative, degrading material to any person, especially a kid in third, fourth, fifth, any grade or 8 years old? Why would you ask them to explain that?

Parents contacted the principal of Beaver Ridge Elementary school in Norcross.

Local news questioned to Gwinnett County School District officials, who gave a long line of bullshit saying: teachers trying to do a cross-curricular activity.

Teacher and Principal suspended 9-year-old boy for calling a teacher cute - Cultural sensitivity training

You know, it seems every public school official, professional teachers and administrators in the state of Georgia would be outraged, embarrassed and humiliated enough to know something is terribly wrong at that school and immediate action needs to be taken to ensure inhumane treatment will not be tolerated.

That any such inhumane acts warrants the undivided attention of the State School Superintendant would be "outraged" and would rally together, visit that school and clean house. Then, parents would have no reason to be outraged and officials would be showing some kind or responsibility for inhumane treatment and wrongdoings. Problem solved.

This incident and these kind of incidents are worse than any Natural Disaster. Now, do you understand why we're killing one another?

Good luck with ya'll's sicko, stupid ass, racist institutions of higher learning.

(((your inner

Gwinnett County School District Slavery Test 2012

With all due respect to Teresa Edwards, and while they were at it, gon down to Cairo Ga high school and wake their "monkey asses up". WNBA Teresa Edwards Cairo, GA celebrates

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