Cutting me short

Art on getting the short part of the deal?

How, why would you cut such an innocent, well intention face short?

Cutting me short

People often mean well, but do they really. Do they use, "the not letting the left hand know about the right", to their own advantage. Yes they do, if you don't say something.

There are tell tell sign if you are paying close attention. All you must do is study someone who has been in that situation.

They are far to often slow to respond. As they share with you, they are constantly twisting and turning what they are saying. They are often confusing for no earthly reason. The shit they are saying makes no sense to a bullfrog, but because you want to be so caring, you sit there and listen. BEWARE!

Why would you cut me short? Is it because I am always cutting you short?

There are times when you want me involved and there are times when you do not. The thing about all of that is, you are always telling me how important I am in your life. How you reach out to me daily, making me feel I am included in all your daily activities. But when it gets right down to it you say, “I don’t mean to cut you short”.

Now, if that starts to spread or am I just so naïve? I think on many of my ambitious friends, who appeared to have it really going on. They have devoted 20 plus of their best years to their loving partner. But when it comes right down to it, there was always one who was cut short.

It is so amazing how your partner can find so much joy and ecstasy, in everybody; but you. With you, they only share a long line of “sanctimonious bullshit”, disguising what they are actually doing, guilt feelings and stifling progress. Why can't they be themselves?

As you go about the daily process of being a productive citizen, they are robbing the bank and spending the money somewhere else. How does that make you feel? They are robbing you of your life while spending theirs in the Garden of Eden. They have no intentions of sharing and are well prepared to show you how it is your fault.

Be consciously aware and prepare yourself. Avoid all instances of paranoia, for your own safety and security. It is often too late when you learn what you never knew. Had he or she known, we all could have had a great time. No regrets

I was reading a sign the other day and it said, “Beware of people who start sentences with “I coulda, woulda, shouda”. They will cut you short every time.

Words without action? You constantly hear the words, but you never see any action! They do not give freedom but constantly take freedom away. So let's go on vacation.

(((your inner

Dying smells.

People who take away freedom

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