Dying Smells

The odor of death produces dying smells, what do they mean?

The smell of death stinks in the nostrals! Just think of all the foods we must eat daily - meat and vegetables? Now, factor in the death of humans. How do you think our air smells?

Would you like to smell of a dead person? Do you want your air filled with the stench of death? While you are concerned about the removal of one dead body, what about the masses?

In life and as we live, there are so many scents with just as many meanings. Some attract while others repel. Scents are very instrumental for identification purposes and indicators of indicate different phases in life. Man uses deodorants to cover his. Why? What about burial?

In accordance with each thing, living or dead, the scent smells the same. Here, I want to talk about the scent of dead flesh, human flesh, rotting human remains; more than the animals upon the earth can consume and are growing. Unlike any other odor, someone will try to remove this one; more than likely by burial and general cleaning. That is what humans do to rid themselves of human remains. Is it the smell?

You can see the remains of other life forms and take no action, but if the remains are determined to be those of any human, you will be more encouraged to take appropriate action, especially if you smell them. The smell of human remains has a powerful distinct odor that evokes strong emotions and a change of heart amongst human beings.

There has to be something very good in this story and I hope, in the name of peace, I have discovered it here. You would think so any way. During the natural progression of life, we know we are going to die and produce these very distinctive gases; though we work to live, that is okay. Knowing this process is naturally going to take place, the question is, why would we feed it? Can you imagine the number of people killed everyday at the hands of other people? Mass murders? Why would we wish that on our worse enemy?

A natural process, when something dies, the body decomposes and produce gases, which reveals itself in the form of an odor. The odor producing gases play an important role in life. The odor of death is a notice to all; it is nature’s way of announcing a transformation from one life form to the next. It all happens based on timing and balance; and suggest it should not be tampered with.

To most the odor is foul, either way; there is no mistaking or avoiding this distinct odor. To the creatures of the dead, the odor of death rings a dinner bell, a final call to clean up what remains before it rots away and is consumed by the earth. Here, dying smells produces the perfume of life.

Now, knowing that, what are humans doing when we kill each other? Why do we feed this process? Why would we? What is our incentive? What good is it? No matter how irreversible or repulsive this subject, the smell and thought may be; it is strange how quickly we can have a change at heart, be ready, eager and justified to kill each other?

It is as though we embrace the scents of death for our own gratification. We take matters into our own hands without respect or regard for consequences and we do it on a daily basis. What happens when a perfume is too strong. Whatever, but the smell will make you sick to your stomach.

In words we place the highest value on life, but in action we take well more lives than we save. It is crazy. That's why we bury the people we kill and it is less obvious when we slip them right into a grave next to the people who die naturally every day.

Not only is the scent covered but also the evidence and reasoning. Just imagine how strong the scent would be if we did not? Imagine the scattered remains? Just imagine the response of the people if they really took time to realize the number and damage we are causing by killing each other everyday?

Would change our focus from global warming? If it was not for burial, the smell alone would cause us to live in peace and harmony. So I am uncovering the dead scent of the people murdered everyday.

In that light, may the scent of the dead have an undeniable spiritual effect upon you and we can live in peace and harmony allowing nature to take its course. The spirit of life is the key to longevity, as short as it is. Would not the world smell better?


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