How many, why, who, I had better get started. Doing what you do not understand...

do you ever know? Dating, I hear people talking about that shit all the time. How sophisticated, eloquent...they are in the process.

I wonder, do they know what they're saying or is it me? Is there something different today than yesterday? Why do they consider me old fashion, when they are standing on my shoulders? How can you tell me it was easier back then than it is today, How the hell do you know?

At what age do you start dating? The rules…Are you dating him, do you have a date, I’m dating her…. From where do we get these words and what exactly is the meaning we give to them? What are you describing? Why do we call it a DATE?

For what are you looking in this human being? Chemistry, does it take going somewhere in privacy to detect the chemistry? Why can't you just get your own home and ... Why closed doors or close them? What are you hiding, why? IF you are embarrassed or ashamed should I be?

I'm not comfortable with the word "date". Further, I am not comfortable with the words “girl or boy friend”? What’s wrong with friend and minding your own fucking business?

Its a concept I have not quite understood. Why must I explain the nature of our friendship? Is that kissing and telling? Why do you want to know? Does it change anything about your potential to pursue?

But in order to start a friendship, people will have to get together. I would leave it to the individual to discuss and decide and keep to themselves the nature of their relationship. Should you come up pregnant then what is there to hide. Why do you have so many chances to do NOTHING, why do you give them?

What exactly did you do at the place where it was easy to communicate, feel free to laugh out loud and not be worried about who might hear you. But definitely it was not at my/his/her home!!

Is dating an excuse to get away from home? Why don’t we further define what it is we intend in the process of bringing our people together? Look for superior genes

Dating is the process to what end? a good way to have a conversation without being interrupted or hurried,,,If that goes well - then who knows????? We always say that when we already know. It only takes six seconds to know and for too many of us, not that long.

The proof is love at first sight, what happened to that, why did we skip it...

(((your inner

Divine Potential

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