Death at your door steps

Wounds and sores that will not heal.

People have learned to hide their feelings. Well, today I am as healthy as can be, but tomorrow remains to be seen. I am surprised to learn of so many people that have wounds that will not heal.

I have a few friends, they are ill and do not know what’s wrong? In most cases, they just do not have any energy. They are tired all the time. They have trouble resting. They fear and feel guilty about wounds that will not heal. Most are life-threatening wounds that have grown over time. More and more, my friends are quickly becoming what I call, “sick and shut in”. They have a right to be concern, these wounds are like a death sentence.

I am not a medical doctor and when they describe what’s ailing them, why they are acting the way they are, it’s because they are not feeling so good. They just don’t feel well at all. These are people who, under normal circumstances, have a great attitude towards life.

Well, my heart is touched and I can feel their pain. Though I am as healthy as I can be, today anyway, I complain about the smallest little things.

How do you find something that will over-power what they are feeling--Maslow's Hierarchy -- Needs and motivators. Well, problems are going nowhere, so you may as well get the best for your money - Strong spirituality.

The worse problem is to regret that you took action too late and now, your problem(s) is/are too great to manage.

Find something, whatever it is that comes to your mind and do it! If it is going to the doctor and sitting there all day…JUST DO IT.

Know that I love you. That’s sounds strange, especially coming from a black man, but I really do. I love people and am going to do my very best to show more of it, to all the people with whom I come into contact. So when it comes my time, I hope that I will have enough gratitude put away, that it will take me through. LOVE is my only reason for being,,,that is my stance.

One day, death will be at my door steps.

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