Defining your Relationships

Mother fuckers always think they know some shit and then they want to call me "foul mouth"?

Defining your Relationships Under the umbrella of Intimacy and any other kind of way.

You know you have probably really got it going on. You got on your little monkey suit, a microphone and whoring yourself out. Is there any less corruption in church, politics... than any other place? Is there more learning in life or in school? Does our system of educating really prepare us for life?

We teach you to put yourself in a box, only to pit ones in the box agains those outside the box - confusion, chaos... Then, those who put you inside the box get to have everything.

You must understand you are in backwoods Georgia and motherfuckers ain't wanting you, they ain't going to allow you to do shit, including ourselves. They talk about me like a dog, but I ask myself: Mr. Obama is a better man than me, do they treat him any better? ARe you doing any more for me than you do for him? And he is a good man.

They don't want to make shit easy and for the life of me, I do not understand why. Why must you wait in line for government shit. The same shit for which you paid taxes and they fraud. You vote and pay for leaders protect and serve you but all they ever do is make it harder and give excuses.

Look at our leaders, politicians, they do just the opposite of what they tell you to do. Then you do it and get no fucking where except deeper and deeper in the hole.

Where or what happened to your ability to be effective and efficient? It's not what you say, as much as it is what you do. Now, you don't know whether to eat vegetables or already prepared foods? You no longer know up from down and that is a dangerous situation. The difference "between" a man and a woman?

Why the hell must I define my relationships to anyone, including myself? They condemn you to hell!

The nature of your relationships, why do you try to explain them? Women are always asking, what kind of relationship do you have with them? Men are always suspicious of what kind of relationship you have with them. Now, here comes your children with what kind of relationship you have with them?

While you focused on telling them, sex education said you weren’t doing a good enough job. Now, sex education understands they are not doing a good enough job. The department of family children and services say none of you are doing a good enough job? That children know best. What next?

Do you know those crazy kind of people who are always trying to put you in a box, a box with them and if what you say does not match to what they think you ought to say, you are going to be condemned. You say I made you a hypocrite? How in the hell can I make you anything - relationships?

Even on your jobs, they want to define with whom and what kind of people you can associate. Now, all of that goes against any kind of Human Rights, humane treatment or Humanity.

Who are the guilty ones? The guilty ones always want to know. They want to know more about your relationships than you yourself. The crazy part about that all is, the more you attempt to explain, the more they use what you say against you. Why do you feel compelled to explain, why do you feel compelled to ask?

The nature of ones relationship is their own fucking business. It is not for you nor appropriate for you to inquire about what I got to do with John. If you have any concerns, then you should act accordingly and everybody understands. That will cut our crime rate in half.

Under the umbrella of intimacy, did you know you can have an intimate relationship without ever putting your dick in someone or seducing them? We give our own meaning to words and therefore never understand the full meaning of what we really want to say? And on this one point, I say, do not ask a question if you are not ready for the answer and asking someone if they are intimate, does not ask if you allowed them to put their dick inside. You’ve got an intimate relationship with God don’t you? Does it matter about gender or any other demographic information? Domestic violence cut in half.

As soon as you explain one thing, then there’s another. For that reason you can never accurately explain the nature of your relationships. You will "always" be lying. Relationships are constantly changing. What you said today, will not be the same tomorrow. Today, you are just friends, tomorrow you may be sleeping buddies or dead.

We are so busy defining relationship, when we cannot keep our own. Look at our children, marriages, communities... Now, you understand why. What if I asked you, what is the nature of your relationship with God. You would be forever explaining.

Asking that question does not put you in the know, but adds another iron to your fire to keep up with and then you are going to say, “they lied”. People are only going to tell you what they want you to know.

Healthy relationships are open, honest and nonjudgmental. Every human being should be accepted, embraced and we all will grow together. Are you more perfect than the least of them?

Attempting to define the nature of your relationships is futile. They should all be just the way you know they should and anyone looking on should expect. What good is a relationship without expectations? We’re all the same, so why should you have any different expectations? The only question is, whether or not your relationship will ever get there?

Be good and treat every human being with respect. Not that phony ass shit with whom you are accustom, but the New, on the edge, out of the box, New Age Shit. Be the change in the world you want to see.

To whose beat are you marching?

(((your inner

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