I die every day! That is as certain, brothers and sisters, as my boasting of you.

Sometimes we live like we are never going to die. When I am dead, I am gone. Not so fast! We take chances without the thought of consequences, especially in our youth. Then to ignore the consequences and do it any way? What are all of our dreaded diseases?

The most important part of dying is living, How you lived. The way we live effects others and when we die, those effects live on through those we have touched, namely our youth and future generations--love. So it is very important to be good, the first time every time around.

And at this stage of life, let's say, mid life, time is of increasing concern. Not being able to do all the things you use to is a rude awakening. By that time it is too late.

If I knew then what I know Now, I would have done then what I can't do now. A favorite quote of J. Smith 80 plus years old. Live a clean life!

There are some serious consequences to how we live. You will know them the second you die, when your life flashes before your eyes. Too late! Nobody wants to be lost forever, Live your best life.

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