You are right, I'm wrong and here's why!

Thank you for this subject matter. You don't mind and it doesn't matter.

What does it matter, you're wrong and I'm wrong, you're right and I'm wrong, am I right or wrong? Or is "What" I prefer to see?

Disagreeing with me, will it help us survive the storm?

Remember, I am but another grain of sand on the beach. What do you gain by disagreeing with me?

Would it not be more productive to disagree with them, then we all gain and then we all agree?

The beach, how many grains of sand does it take for you to decide, you do not like the beach? Most just accept the beach, even they know it’s not healthy for them.

A leaf on a tree, what good does it to do to disagree with one leaf, when the trunk is unhealthy? How do we survive the storms? There will be storms.

How do you get the kid to see because his parents are wrong, does not mean that he is right. My father always said: "Every dog has his litter".

Disagreement is healthy as long as agreeing is unhealthy, therefore I agree to disagree., not with you, but with them.

So let us find a beach, a tree on which we can agree.

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