Discipline Spanking Your Child

To deter hitting a child and for that matter any human being, as a means of discipline. To bring attention to the horrible implications of using violence as a means of communication and discipline. To educate, inspire and implement other more human means of self-discipline and discipline.

I am open to new ideas, though spanking was an accepted form of discipline in my life, I know it is a gross form of abuse, no matter the intentions. As a last resort, I would like to learn a better form of discipline. What is discipline?

Though you may not agree, spanking, hitting, tapping, beating, as a form of discipline is a form of physical abuse and is too dangerous to be promoted as an accepted form of discipline.

Of the world, what group of people is most notorious for accepting spanking their children, as an acceptable and good means of discipline? Why? Are they producing more productive citizens or just the opposite? Why?

The world over, my experience says, that African-Americans are the most guilty people for spanking and accepting spanking as a good means and last resort in the disciplinary process.

Why, because they feel spanking is divine. They learned that whipping immediately brings about the desired behavior, it did them no harm and failing to use it spoils the child. They credit the lack of spanking to the increased lack of discipline and undesirable behavior experienced in their communities today.

The bible says, spare the rod spoil the child. I say, learn a new interpretation, because God is love and you do not beat or abuse anything you love and that in it self will eliminate a lot of domestic abuse. God rewards love and despises any forms of abuse and violence, including and especially spanking a helpless child, for any reasons. Children will only do what adults allow them to do.

When our children are small, we put them down to do our tasks. We expect them to sit there without exploring and be on good behavior. We think monitoring is most effective as long as we are in the same room, doing our work, on the phone and watching tv. Hello, it’s the door bell. I have learned that a small child demands your full attention, 24/7.

Other societies carry their babies on their backs or fronts, while performing their daily tasks. This gesture creates a special bond between parent and child and greatly reduces the number and need for spankings. Look on the positive side and learn how other parents use non-violent means to discipline their children for the same offense.

Increased crime and undesirable behavior in black communities, or any other communities, is directly attributed to poor parenting skills, abuse and neglect. Think about this for a moment. If you think spanking by repeating hitting your child evokes positive behavior something is wrong with you. Any negative form of discipline brings about anger, resentment and fear. It solicits behaviors based on the use violence and violence begets violence. Think about it? What happens to you when you are hit, your nerves go crazy, and your body automatically goes in the defense mode and you what to fight back, until you realize it was someone supposed to be taking care of you and you are supposed to respect? Your child starts to use hitting as a means of communicating their desires to siblings and a new generation of spankers has been created.

Patience is a virtue. We never learned nor tried true love as a means of discipline and true love does not hurt. Make love and compassion your rod!

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