Distance In Relationships

Vulnerability! How close do you get? How much do you let the next person know about you? When? What about your inner circle?

Do you want to know everything about them? Is there anything they should not or do not need to know about you? Who decides? How long will it take you to become good friends or to cast your ballot? What about character? When will you learn they do not have your best interest in mind?

We say relationships are all about getting closer and closer, but looking back how many mistakes have you made? The closer we get, do we grow a part?

So what is the best way to start and maintain a good healthy relationship with anyone? They say distance makes the heart grow fonder, but is that true? What does fondness make? What about long distance relationships?

Most people are not going to do a damn thing, No Way? So it behooves you to make the best of every situation, because if you were any good at it, "we" would not be in this poor situation we’re in.

Many would say, I do not know what the hell I am talking about, but I say, "think about that". I found in my life the woman who I thought was my true love was torture.

How else are we going to get somewhere? Was there ever a time in the history of America that we had so much freedom, yet so many poor relationships? When are we going to get it right? When will we learn? How?

Why in the hell do we choose all these crooked ass leaders to follow? Are there no honest people left? Who’s fooling who? Is it that we like all this drama in our lives. Do we enjoy being made fools of?

It is a choice to make your relationship work and you must be on top of your game. Getting close and if you are not willing to do that in your relationships, you may as well get the hell on. Our daily lives are the lessons learned. Pay them forward.

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