When is it okay to be Evil?

Bullies, Violence in school and streets, Gang warfare, Terrorism home and abroad, Corruption and cronyism, Wars, Watching out for “Big Brother”?

People can be a trip. They want you to listen to them, but when it comes your turn, then what? They can tell you all about how to be bad, but when you want to tell them about being good?

When is it acceptable to be evil? Was there ever a time in history when the mass majority of people was evil? Was there ever a time in our history when it was popular to be evil? Has any of those times ever been opposed by religious leaders?

Things can get ugly really quick. Poison! Most would say there is never a time to be evil and would try and defend any evil past doings. However, there was a time in our not so distance history when it was popular to evil.

We were consumed with our own evil ways and well more evil than we will ever do good, unless we change.

Today, we are products of such evil attitudes.

There was a time when the more Native Americans a man killed, the more esteemed that man was. There was a time when the more Africans you could enslave, the more popular that person was. You would be considered rich if you had a lot of slaves.

This type of evil behavior was sanctioned by all disciplines in life, including religious leaders. As a matter of fact, religious leaders, especially Christians, have been some of the greatest supporters of evil activities.

They were cowards, in that they did not want anybody to see the real them as they carried out these evil atrocities. Unfortunately, this was the vast majority of people, either by participation or failing to take appropriate action.

Today, the vast majority of our people are products of a very evil and sick society. The foundation for our society was built upon double standards. It never was really for all people, it was just for one.

Good people are still a very small minority, so Kindness is still a very small part of our society. We have got a long ways to go, when in comes to kindness. Knowing all of that, it seems like we're not in any hurry to get there.

We’re in a serious state of denial. We knew at least those two were gross evil acts. We keep pretending like everything is alright and we just keep lying and going on.

Why is that?

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