Do I know what I am doing

Are you getting comfortable being stupid?

How is your partner? What do you admire in them? Are they smart? Are they creative? Are they truthful? Then why are not "we" prosperous?

Some would immediately say, What's it to you? Most "think" they know and are too proud to admit they do not know. They would be the first to criticize or put you down for not knowing.

Some might say, I am self appointed and I would like to think I am, but this is what I say.

Do i know what I am doing? Please allow me to be the first to admit/confess, I do not know what I am doing. No one situation is ever the same. I know where I want to be, it is apart of the bigger picture and that dictates what I must do. That also explains why I am doing what I do.

Do you need to know? How can they know what they are doing? Why get married? Get a job? Why even attempt to connect? So you can do more with less?

So why do we have all these bad things going on around us? Why are people so divided? Why are there so few on which you can depend? Why do we exert so much energy and effort in going the wrong way? Many, especially in leadership positions, are afraid to confess, while none of us ever know. "You seemed like you knew”.

So if you do not know what you are doing and you keep doing it anyway, what is going to happen? Our economy is already sunk. Prices are already over-inflated and the list goes on.

What we know is that we are not getting the results we want? A few are but the mass majority not, so we say to hell with the rest and keep doing what we always do. Is that suicidal or what?

No task or performance is ever the same, no matter how long or often you have been doing it. Each day is more different than the one before.

Why is all this so important? Confidence, Strategies and Tactics, we have gotten comfortable being stupid. We know we are not anywhere near what we want to be and are in denial about what we must do to get back on track.

(((your inner

WhY are their so many break-ins?

Confidence and joy!

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