Earth is not Flat or Round

then what shape is it Art

Do you just accept and believe what someone else tells you, especially when they want to believe them? Why would anyone want to prove to you that the shape of the earth is round or is it flat? Is it oneway communications?

Earth is not Flat nor Round!

One time they say, FLAT, another time they say, ROUND, just proves we have not one clue.

Recent photos describes the earth as being round, even though we know that is not true. It is just like a photo of you or any other thing, it is a compilation of things described by what we want to see.

If no one told you at what you’re supposed to see then you would "see even more".

So of any photo of the earth, we’re looking at one spectrum of what they told us, they wanted us to see.

What shape is a blade of grass, a leaf, a tree, we have problems even describing something so simple and we see every day? How can we be so arrogant as to perceive we have any idea of what the universe looks like, accept for infinity?

We have "no earthly idea" what the universe looks like or its size and shape. It is just too much for us mere humans to even comprehend.

Just think when you look to the heavens, all the stars, suns, moons you see, are just a grain of sand compared to the universe.

What shape is the earth???? Why do we teach our kids such rubbish?

The Earth is but a grain of sand to the Universe. What shape is a grain of sand? How do you tell them that?

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