Eating on paper plates

hell yeah, I am telling you and it's all about serving yourself.

The Last Super served on paper plates? What difference does it make what you eat off of? Is that the way that sounds?

You go to a nice restuarant, do they serve you on paper, I don't care what? Now, go to "a hole in the wall"?

I thought the paper was to catch the crumbs, but today, I am reminded our most valued, most nutritious meal, the way we show the world, set the example, last supper has become an acceptable fashion and watch out for fashions, to be served and eaten on paper.

We went from eating with our hands, which I think is divine, to eating on China and now to eating on disgusting paper plates. And it’s not because we don’t have nice dishes, they’re in the cabinet.

Washing, recycling over throwing in the trash? From where did this nice, less than admirable idea come? Are they to go plates? What’s going on?

Used to, when we had a large gathering at the dinner table, we let our closest friends know, so they could help us? I won’t even mention cloth napkins. What about plastic?

Some never think about it? What are you teaching and learning? For what are our “good dishes”? If those are our good dishes, then what are paper plates? We do not want to use them, we do not want to wash them, so why the hell did you buy them? If you don’t give a shit about what you’re eating on, why would you show the world you’re eating on shit?

Nuture yourself. What happened to your innovation and creativity? Get something about yourself. Yes, something "we create and value" to feed our face or as a friend of mine describes it, “to grind it up”?

How do you bless your table? What "manner" at the table? Do we sit together or run all over the place? Did they eat it or throw it in the trash? Is there a dog at your table?

If you could find a way to get out of washing your ass, would you?

If you are going to circulate a beautiful photo of a dinner served, please don't do it on paper, unless it's newspaper.

It's the idea! Economic and Social decline.

(((your inner

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