The End of our Economy???

Is wHere!!!

As we know it and as we speak, this is the end of our economy and rightfully so, why? Because we have so abused it.

Is that a bad thing? No it’s not and we are looking forward to a new beginning.

Why are so many people depressed? A mighty few have profited from the wicked ways of this economy and cannot see any hope of future profits, so they are depressed and trying to suck it for its last. While most are not, they see a change is needed and are hopeful about it. For them there is hope in the future. But for those who see no hope, there is none in the future and there will be none until they can see it.

Will the change be the same? No, it will be a new beginning with a whole new attitude. The change brought itself about as a result of our poor management and cannot be stopped because we cannot continue these same old wicked ways and survive.

Is it too late? No, not as long as you are prepared, working for change. Any other way of working is and will be in vain. And if we do not work and work together, someone else will, just as we took this land. Today is proof.

The first shall be last and the last shall be first.

Today is proof.

(((your inner

Is The End near?

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