Is The End near?

art in grave

All good things must come to an end.

The End of what? Why? When?

What about your relationships now? Do you have time?

Am I wasting my time constantly asking and entertaining that question or that notion? Is someone trying to hurry me along? What would I do differently?

For all these years people have been asking that question and still today not one is any closer to the answer. Well, your guess is as good as mine. Can anybody tell me exactly when? You made a liar out of them and they made a fool out of you.

Many have lied.

Then, why do we keep asking ourselves and others, Is The End near? Fear! Disillusioned, looking for those who will survive, mankind is on a path to self-destruction. Now, what about your relationships?

Are we headed for disaster? Will yo help all people or just the ones going your way? You need to be able to answer that right now. That’s a whole nother question?

Yes, if you focus on it that way, Yes, we are headed for disaster, but that does not mean the end is any closer or more predictable. Predicting the end just leads to more trouble. What would you do different? Why aren't you doing it now? There will be wonderers.

Disaster for some it will be and for others, it will not. Just depends on many factors. So on the other hand you could just as well say, we "ALL" are headed for the Kingdom or a new beginning, being optimistic - learning and living a healthier and happier life - Not being stagnant or arrogant. Those focusing on disaster will meet disaster!

The sad part about it all is, how we bash each other to get there? Call it kingdom, ground, earth or heaven, new beginning, but what remains on earth will stay on earth.

Often I think of life in comparison to nature. Plants, some will live, some will be of good seeds, bare good fruit, but they all will fall to the ground, if nothing else. Animals, like lions on a kill or buffalo in rut, is this how we want to treat each other? The end of our economy?

How we treat each other on the way to the slaughtering pen, kingdom or new beginning says a lot about our purpose on earth. Is this the best we can do for ourselves and others? What are we doing for our own ederly, sick and shut-in. What are we doing for our lame and lazy? Are we doing ourselves a favor or disservice?

Is there safety in the herd, where; will the herd turn back to rescue us? How does the herd feel about your contributions?

Do you have to focus on the bad to get to the good? Yes, but that means rescuing people who need help on earth, not for tomorrow, but for today, for tomorrow is not promised.

The longer you live, the closer you get, but is that really "The End"? Does the devil ever go on vacation? Yes, but only at your expense. Do your work now and rest in peace.

Why don't we want to do what we know we are supposed to? Why do we want to cause harm to each other? Who will be the first to set the example? Can you be good? Two little old words, Get busy, stay busy and NO LONGER FEAR "the End"! At every end is a new beginning. Are you prepared?

The Burial


Disbelief, Shock and Anger

(((Thank you,,,your inner

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