Expand your life

Guilty feelings???

Remember when we used to look down on people who did not have a church home? Boy, we really know how to make people feel guilty in order to make ourselves feel better. Today, do you really need a church home? I hope you answered that in the negative.

Then it was education, remember when you were pretty much considered a criminal to be a dropout? Dropouts! And Lord knows, don't get pregnant in school. These were opportunities for the rest of us to scandalize your name and I mean they were serious about that. 20 years later, it's no problem, matter of fact, the use to be bad people are making the used to good people pay. The good and the bad, why can we decide on one or the other, at least we'd all be on the same page.

Today, one says yes and at the same time the other says NO. What good is that? Do you really believe the United States would attack African-Americans? The chosen people, are we above reproach? Guilty feelings, Do you think African-Americans would attack AA? With what?

Today, it's money! No money, no honey. We get everything but the mo...

My point is, they were all one word: education, money, church. Now, you've experienced the negative effects of one word, Expand you life.

Which direction? The opposite of which is collapse your life.

Expand your life, do we really know what adding value to your life is. For what are we known? MOre specifically, for what are Black Americans known?

One word a day to improve your life, starting with love? Now, who hates love? There has got to be one somewhere? I don't think White Folks like the word love and that's a whole people.

It's a great feeling to know you can make a difference on a grand scale. "I" have never done anything. IMpact others?

And then you can 'spread the word' and inspire others around the world. Just one word a day can make a big difference in your life-and in the lives of many others!" Share it with me?

Action words! Why should one people wait on another? Work together.

(((your inner voice.com)))

Announcing your separation? There's a difference in announcing and making it public.

Announcing Black folk ain't shit Have you before heard that, is true? Don't feel so bad, they tell me i ain't shit, full of shit all the time.

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