Extra Mile Day


What could going the extra mile mean?

"Extra Mile Day"

November 1

...a day to acknowledge the capacity we each have to create positive change in our families, organizations, communities and world.

In 2009...there were 23 "Extra Mile Day" cities.

In 2010...there were 116 "Extra Mile Day" cities

"The Rest of the Story" behind the powerful "Extra Mile" movement that has now pushed it's way from 23 cities in 2009...to over 211 cities in all 50 states this year. Bluntly speaking, we had no "mojo" three years ago when we started the first "Extra Mile America Tour"...and at times, things were pretty ugly.

1. I thought we would raise $50K in sponsorships to help pay for the 2009 Extra Mile America Tour. Instead of raising a single penny, we had a touring van full of 500 Cliff Bars and 3,000 packets of Jelly Bellies to remind me of my financial sponsorship failure.

2. At midnight of day 2 of the 90 day cross-country bike tour, my road manager called my hotel room and stated without care, "This isn't for me. I quit." (Forget the fact that this person had been paid in advance for working the next 45 days.)

3. Immediately after this incident, I put out a number of high stress "What do I do now?" phone calls to people who had been supporting me. The #1 answer: "Cancel the Tour."

4. I crashed on my bike three times during the 90 day ride...including a nasty tumble outside Omaha, Nebraska, where a car had to swerve to avoid hitting me while I was on the pavement. The fall earned me a trip to urgent care.

5. I peddaled and sweated through hundreds of miles of 100+ degree deserts, had pig and cow execrement spill on me every time a feed truck passed me in the farm states, and had to peddle through harsh rain and snow storms at the end of my 4,000 mile ride. - That's Extra Mile Day's "The Rest of the Story" by Shawn Anderson

your inner voice.com joins Shawn Anderson in going the extra mile on Extra Mile Day. Read more Visit Shawn Anderson


Big goals rarely go exactly as we outline them. There will be twist-and-turn detours. There will be 11,312 foot mountains to climb. There will be brutal rainstorms and nasty crashes that make you want to cry. BUT if you let any of those things stop you...YOUR "The Rest of the Story" will never be heard.

1. Lost your job? Stay motivated and give every day your best search. You WILL find one.

2. Told you aren't good enough? What do critics know...except how to be negative.

3. Wish you had gone a different career route? Start fresh. Who cares how old you are?

4. Recieve terrible health news? Then do everything in your positive power to change directions.

5. Lose your home? Your life is not over. Rebuild something better.

6. Lose a loved one? Get back up and do something that gives honor to the person you lost.

We each have our own trials most certainly...but all that means is that THIS is the time to write your "The Rest of the Story." Let's cast aside worries, fears, failures...and all the rest of the stinking thinking garbage that litters our brains. Let's really choose to live the life we want; the life that we will love. Let's not allow our stories to end without a great finish.

Big dreams...big comebacks...big adventures...almost always are destined for a big initial setback. Accept it.

And then...keep creating. Keep building. Keep serving. Keep dreaming. Keep giving. If we do, we never know what cool moments, experiences or adventures might eventually take shape. Visit Shawn Anderson


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