Family and Friends

We boast about saving a lot of things, but can you save yourself? We talk about choices, taking responsiblity and action, controlling your own destiny; but CAN YOU REALLY SAVE YOURSELF?

Most of us believe saving ourselves only depends on our own ablity to save us? I think that too sometimes, but I have learned when you really get into a jam, when you really get into trouble,,,You cannot save yourself. You have to call on somebody to help you out.

Some people don't want to get out. They just simply do not want to climb the ladder. If they told you that, Would you be wasting your time talking to them?

In life, all we want to do LAUGH, LOVE, LIVE and that is a "good thing". No confusion, we do not want a job, we want the rewards of really knowing how to live, laugh and love. We want to be rewarded for practicing the kind of life, we know we should be living. We do not want to get mixed up in all the manifested drama, confusion and chaos. We know that is the way,,,the best way to live life, because we have lived it. All the other stuff is not important. When you get your priorities straight all other will fall into place.

Where does that start, how? Friends, it's good for people to dwell together - unity. Prayer of the righteous availeth much. But woe unto friends that do not pray together? "never" confuse Truth with Fiction or dare to slander a friend. Smiling faces sometimes tell lies.

Home, accept your family for who they are and inspire them to be their best. All else will fall in place.

This is the last Act for many of us, "Got to get it right this time". How good are you?

Ever needed anyone to save your life, people with challenges and disabilities? There are some people who are actually thinking about how to help disabled people get over/pass their challenge or disabity. Disable people learn to cope and they all say: FAMILY AND FRIENDS.

How good are you for your family and friends? Are your priorities constantly changing? Do you have them in order? Can you build upon them?

We often wonder why our country is the way it is? Well it is because we made it that way? Can we do much much better, then why not? The difference we need, are we afraid to do it? Do we fear not being supported? So why are we following this system that is quickly leading us to death? Do you know or don't you know? Can ignorance be your excuse? It's no secret: Good Family and Friends. Would anything less make that?

In order to achieve a different result, we have to do something different.


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