Potable Water, Drinking Water

Life giving water Supplies are Critically Short and Shrinking

How long can you survive without water?

You know we make a lot of plans, and we give ourselve credit for doing a lot of wonderful things, but most of them do not include water. We take for granted that water is going to be everywhere we go? That’s how confident we are in our thoughts about water. I do not know of any resource that is so necessary for life as water, while one of our hottest topics is Health Care Reform. What a coincident?

Like heathens, all we entertain are our own selfish thoughts. Water is much, much more valuable than gold and oil, but one of our hottest topics is oil. How long can you live without water?

US drinking water is in critical short supply and shrinking! What will we do about it? Will we deny it or take precautionary measures? We used to give it away, water was FREE, now we are afraid to drink from most of our natural water supplies. Intentionally and unintentional, we’ve seriously polluted the majority of our water supplies. Many of us have been reduced to buying safe drinking water? The utility cost of water is off the charts and rising. How long can we live without water?

It is amazing the things we take for granted and the things we place great value upon. How long can we last like that? What kind of quality of life is being confused as hell about everything, never being able to properly get our priorities in order? We don't even know if we are going to get Health CARE? I cannot see our logic? 4-5 hundred thousands new cars annually, but we will not take a chance on giving a poor man health care.

I think we overlook the most important things in life, further; we are working and placing great value in life things that are dividing, destroying and killing us. We have sentenced ourselves to death. When will we live or will we go deeper and deeper in death? And then?

Ever think about your spirit. Where does it reside? Will it return or will it forever wonder? Does what you think make sense? Is there any value to your thoughts? Do you value them? Who are you fooling? There are people here to save you, whether you like it or not. They are called Family and Friends

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