Father’s Day 2012

Why do we have these days, do you really love and respect your father?

Between mothers and fathers, why are fathers the more abused? When you break that down into people, why are Black fathers in particular, most abused. Is it because we abuse ourselves? What about this one single day set aside to honor all Fathers, Let's see!

Happy Father’s Day, how can you have a Happy Father’s Day in 2012, when your father is dead in every sense of the word, the same with Mother’s Day? Is that what happened to your power, your deity, your dignity?

Celebrate, Rejoice!, Laugh!, Love!, Share! And Be Happy! Where did they go and why can't we celebrate fathers everyday? Are they not deserving? Would that act be reciprocated?

I'll be the first to say, far too often women get away with crimes, without getting blood on their hands. White American Women

Women accuse men of being dogs on everyday accept Father's Day, what's up with that? What about all the broken homes, with and without Fathers?

What happened to your power? Must you tear down in order to build up? What does that say about the work of those before us? Is that building or tearing down?

Why do our communities suffer so, in comparison to our counterparts, why are our relationships so estranged? What about our children, why are they so none responsive to us? Why the regrets?

You need to know, reading and writing is the best means to correct the phenomenon of mis-education, which is mis-guiding and misleading.

What happened to your power? How, why can I be arrested for misconduct, while I cannot do shit, no influence at all to the ones arresting me? Why must I spend a tour in jail while you go free? Why do we train up our children to be obedient to laws which are disobedient to God/human rights? How do you explain that? Is that just the way it is or the way we allow it to be?

Why am I (((forced to accept))) ways which denounce the human being in me? Why are you so jealous, so nasty, hateful… towards me? Why can all others come and find “milk and honey”, while I only find denial, rejection, unqualified, over qualified, substandard… to you? Am I a target or is it just my mind?

What happens to all the “Good Fathers” I know, are they killed and/or ignored – MLK? What good, what incentive… is there to be a Good Father? What can I offer my children for “being good”? Is it you have it all and I nothing? Must they do everything you say in order to be right? What does that mean for me? Will your God ever save me? Then why all the mistreatment?

On this Father’s Day these questions I pose to you: Why can’t I be a good man? Is it my choice or yours, then why the disagreement? Do you really understand and practice being a good human being/person? Why did I migrate from the South to the North and was it not far enough? Why don’t you work with your people, just as hard or more so than you work with theirs? Is not the reasons too obvious?

Why what I say is opinion/bullshit and what they say fact and law? Why can’t we talk openly and honestly about our differences, while I am compelled to accept yours?

My point being, why do you do more for them, than you do for yourselves? As we look for solutions, search within. If you have the heart to forgive, help and support them, why can you not find it in your heart to help, support…me?

Why does it take so long to realize our organizations are artificial and even longer to make the necessary adjustments – good business ventures, communities, neighbors and self? Why do we separate work from play, play from work, shouldn’t your play prepare you for your work or is it you just want to sit on your ass?

You need to know mis-education is misleading, leads to rejection, separation, violence and abuse, and we have put ourselves in those predicaments. Are you the head or the tail, while you can’t be both, at the same time. So from which do you come? Is it me, the Good Father whose mis-educating, misleading or is it my partner whose leading the way to damnation and destruction across America?

My thing to correct this all is to address Human Rights over Civil Rights, Human rights over women rights, human rights over children rights, while if you have Human Rights, there would be no need for all those other rights. If you have human rights, there would be no guilt feelings, no sick and tired of hearing about civil rights. IF you have human rights, our women and children would be more responsive to their parents and partners rather than to a broken system. Is there one day you are not grateful for your father?

From one Black Man to all Men, This Father’s Day 2012, be the start of celebrating Fathers across the globe everywhere, everyday? Make it your business to Celebrate, Rejoice!, Laugh!, Love!, Share! And Be Happy!...Love and respect each other at all cost, for none of us are perfect. That is God’s Way. HAPPY FATHER’S DAY 2012!

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