White American Women

How judgmental are you? If you did not live through it would it be so important to you?

aRT, As seen by a Black Man.

They are beautiful. They are very attractive, very creative, innovative and caring, but they are as Freaky As Hell. Why do you say that Art?

You can talk Hilter and purity of the white race, but when you really look at the culprit, in comparison, Hitler was a good man. It is the same as you can view Americans Founding Fathers.

Well first of all, this is the first chance I have been mature enough to properly address this deadly serious issue/problem in America that very few are willing to address. You are slowly but surely realizing you have been terribly wrong about your judgment of certain situations and of certain people, that is the American White Woman.

You stood by your man as he conquered Native Americans and their land. You took advantage of that situation to fuel your own selfish behavior, goals, dreams and fantasies. Do you remember when you were an immigrant? Are you related to the founding fathers? Did your ancestors come over on the Mayflower? What about your ancestors and your heritage? How did you come by being whoever it is you think you are today? From where came the term, “The Look”? Do you embrace interracial couples or do you give them, “The Look”? That is a good test to see how dumb your stupid ass really is?

You played your silly azz role during slavery and you were never responsible for shit – Mr. Master. You have always been his reason for being and he has always been yours? Excuse me, who in the hell do you think you are? Do not judge me!

Women Rights, at what point did you figure out you had no rights due to your own negligent behavior, with the Founding Fathers of America? My thing here is, why would you look down on a black man, any man? Why would you help build and further the advancement of such a violent society, yet see yourself as an innocent by-stander, even though that same man treated every other man less than a human being? Who got the glory? Who was the post turtle? No, and it hasn’t been all that long ago, and far too often, it is still happening today? What are Hillary, Nancy and the host of others doing? You would think other than going along with the program; they would make some much needed changes from government as usual. No, but they join right in and create even more shit.

I think white women think the world does not see them for what they really and truly are, have miserably failed to be and their true contribution to making this country (((America)) what it is today.

In every case White American Women have seriously failed to stand up for Human Rights and Causes of a people closest to them. They have always been on whatever side that benefited them most financially. And what kind of person is that? If everything you do, you do for money and you see all the crazy shit they have you doing,,,,what exactly is that? What kind of person is that? Who is wearing the pants? Women used to wear pants for a good reason. Now, do not ask me how men started wearing the pants.

If you want to use the domestic violence excuse for your fear, think about what he would do if you were even seen with a black man. Now, what excuse can I use? Was an excuse or your mode or survival? Would you do almost anything to keep him from beating you? Do you still feel threatened today?

You are a product of your childhood and history. If hatred, violence, discrimination was taught in your home and surrounded by them all your life, you are going to have these feelings. Your response will tend to be negative towards different people and situations. You will have to work to get over your own ignorance.

It has been my personal experience that the American White Woman was and still is harder on Black people, especially Black men than any other race or gender of people in the whole world. You never know from where they are coming, just that they are white and female. Does that qualify them? How is your body language or demeanor when you encounter such situations? That spills all over your whole person concept.

I blame the White Man, not woman for this ignorant discriminating attitude today in American. They evoked their silly ass attitude on to everyone with whom they come into contact, especially their women and children. How many times have you seen little kids with racial slurs and abusive language? From where do you think they get this? The real question is, “Who do White Women Blame”?

They work and play out of fear and their fear comes from being afraid of what their White Man “might” think. Think about that? White women today in America are literally terrified of what their White Male Counterpart is going to think about their sorry azzes, when seen with, especially a Black Man. Yeah, things are slowly changing, but now you understand why our country is in such poor ass shape today. Are you for the change or against the change? Should they change? What should the changes be?

The next time you see an interracial couple, reach out, compliment, embrace and/or congratulate them for doing what you never could have the nerve to do. Not because they talk about it or put erroneous signs but because they have the courage to stand for what they really and truly love and respect.

When are we really going to stop lying to ourselves and do the job we know we are supposed to do? Love and respect yourself and everything else will fall into place!

No, I am not interracial, but am “by-racial” and further, what difference should it make. What about the demographical make-up of the Founding Fathers? Change and change now.

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