my First Eggs !!!

my first eggs!

Thanksgiving 2010

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

I have never before raised chickens, when I took on this new project for some strange reason. A friend of mine donated 5 chickens to me and that is where it all started. I could not even tell which were male or female or what breed.

So today, 6 months later, it is with great pleasure I share this story and child like emotions at Thanksgiving. I'm almost as happy as I was when my own kids were born, because at long last we have eggs. We had almost given up hope that our 3 roosters and two hens would ever mature enough to produce, or at least not until spring when the days got longer.

But the other day I went out to feed them, checked the area, and to my surprise found four adorable large chicken eggs. I took all four and shared my findings with family members. I was told, I should have left one. Maybe next time!

It was a double blessing because they are Easter Eggs. The next day I went out and found one more egg, exactly the same color and size, for a grand total of five Easter Eggs in two days.

My chickens obviously had been laying a day or two before we discovered the cache. And thankfully, since temperatures have been so cool, the eggs were nicely chilled and ready to be washed in warm water and tucked into our refrigerator. But they didn't last long because the next morning we fried two of the freshes sunny side up eggs I have ever grown.

Did they taste a lot better than store-bought eggs? Yes, plus the thought of growing them ourselves? We loved every bite because they came from our hens.

All the eggs are a beautiful light green. I added a couple of eggs from a friend just for the photo, so I will always remember the difference.

I don't know yet which chicken laid which eggs but I will be checking.

It is so much more satisfying to gather your own eggs than to go to the grocery store and getting them out of the cooler. What better way to work and enjoy with nature.

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