Fishing for Chickens


Stop chasing and Start Fishing

Where you at Jeff, help me tell this lie. Jeff told me a very funny but clever story how his ancestors caught chickens for dinner.

Most folk tell horror stories of how they had to run the chickens down to catch them for dinner, but not Jeff!

His ancestors and family members were very clever early on. They figured out how to take a fishing pole, line and hook, baited with a small dough ball to easily catch chickens for dinner.

His great grandparents, while sitting on the porch, could easily catch as many chickens as needed using this fail proof method, without ever breaking a sweat.

Stop chasing and start Fishing for chickens. I also see this process as a good Life Lesson: When it comes to solving your problems, Stop chasing and Start Fishing.

Thank you Jeff. No its not a joke, he was serious. You got it right.

(((your inner

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