unemployed, UNDERemployed and Struggling Businesses


Happy Labor Day America 2011! Let’s be perfectly clear! Is poverty for you?

America is great because of those who work, who risk and who dream, in a struggling economy.

Last week, the Labor Department reported “no new jobs created in the month of August 2011” – something that has not occurred for more than 60 years. How many of those can we stand?

Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis said on CNBC, “I believe we have done everything we can, and I know that right now there is lot of concern with what’s happening in Congress, and we have to get beyond that.” I believe this is why all the confusion, chaos, division and blaming.

Because they have done all they can, does not mean we have done all we can.

We could start with a basic understanding that businesses create jobs.

The American people are not going to get past what’s happening in Congress, because way too few of the right things are happening in Congress. Just more speeches with no new results. More raising expectations to lower expectations. Jeff says, Chasing Chickens.

This strongly suggests, our leaders have no new timely workable ideas and timing is everything.

Unfortunately, this is not encouraging for our unemployed, UNDERemployed or struggling businesses.

We are "desperately hanging on" to keep above water.

Work on the problems, surround yourself with good vibrant people, and develop common-sense solutions people understand and respect. Poverty is not for you.

When people understand, they demand it. When Americans come to power?

Poverty, Let's put our worries away! Help us, help ourselves by creating a Humble Farm Refuge! Sign our petition NOW.

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