GAY, how?

How is this working for you?

What makes this true? Over the years the term gay has evolved into describing a person's sexual preference. Initially, it was describing ones feelings, happy, carefree, bright, showy.... HOw, Why does the term gay take on a negative connotation?

How do you know if you are gay or not? Look down between your legs, not your head?

Why do you put that in your head? Why label me? How does it benefit me to let the whole world know my sexual preference? What if I change my mind?

Is being gay like being black? Why would a white man want to identify himself as being gay? Would not it be better to convince yourself of being Black?

Just how do Gays multiply? Does 2 x 2 = (whore)? What difference does it make about where you skeet it? Isn't it more about how?

Gay men and Gay women, how do our children become gay? Is being Gay for everybody? Then what behaviors should I display in public? What about when someone else is screwing your son or daughter in public? Is there any shame in the game?

Prison, are all the inmates gay? Are they justified? Two men, thinking they're not two men, does that make it true? Two women thinking they're not two women, does that make them gay? What about the children? When everybody is gay, then what?

Does legalizing same sex marriage take priority over interracial marriages? If we can't keep a same race marriage, how can we keep a same sex marriage?

Why would I want to tell anyone about what they do in private, their own personal space, as long as it is consensual, no matter the gender?

How old should a gay person be? Who should you ask? Why do I need permission? Who validates me? Do I need permission to be black?

Categories in our society, does being open about sexual preference really matter, is it just another form of being prejudice, just another reason why? Why do I owe any explanation for what sexual acts I perform with my partner?

Is it a Christian thing? Are Americans the first people with gay tendencies? Are we the first with abusive tendencies, then why do we hold-on to them? There's so much sexual abuse in Religion, why?

Control, if you can justify to yourself why you are gay, I can justify to you why I am white? Should you have to tell anyone not to discriminate?

Simply grow, Why can't I just be a Human Being?

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