Generosity and Productivity


Generosity and Productivity? Is everybody shooting bad? Time management?

Are we as productive as we think? Mornings, midday or Afternoons?

As Americans, we are not nearly as productive as we may think. Are you more generous or productive in the mornings, midday and the afternoons? If you work all morning, after lunch, you’re ready to go somewhere, relax and probably take a nap.

The vast majority of us are neither generous nor productive all day long, especially, when it’s not high priority. And the mundane ritual of work cannot be the highest priority five days a week, fifty-two weeks a year. Why do we work 8 hours a day? Why not four or three or any other combination?

I find we peak just before breakfast, lunch and dinner, just before each of these time periods. You can say three times a day, morning, noon and evening. Then we take a while to get back into the swing of things, feel sluggish on Mondays and restless on Fridays. The stressful part about it all is most can’t change their schedule to fit their peaks times, so valuable time and effort is wasted.

What happens when you're overwhelmed? What about when you really over exert yourself? Generous and Productive?

We never really identify the problem and are less productive at current work schedules. They're, outdated, to rigid, not flexible enough and we are in a serious state of denial. Routine or are they bad habits, by now? We just do not think any other method is best, will work and not willing to try.

So that is what has happened to our Generosity and Productivity, all lost to our JOBS.

Either way, knowing and taking advantage of your "natural energy patterns" — your "power times" — will help you reach the highest peak of productivity and generosity. I always say, it is all about you, but timing is everything - Time Management, is it a routine? Are we stuck in a rut?

You would want to answer this question to get your best shopping done. When are people most generous, then you'll know when they are most productive. Are you using energy that could be better used somewhere else? Would it have been easier?

What about you? When are your most productive hours? Why?

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