Why wait, is it just another way of saying if you don't fix "within", your are going to be "without"? The power within.

You hear people complaining all the time about their aches and ailments, trials and tribulations, but as of today, instead, I am going to take a deeper look inside -- Introspection

Where do you look to find truth, is Zen Habits or so? As good as Zen Habits are, do you need to access them to reach your deepest most inner self? My parents used to use a "switch", so my Zen Habits are in order.

Envisioning what I want to accomplish and taking an honest look at my current practices, I find ways to be even more successful.

The lesson of giving our all to the present is a valuable one. It will make us happier and enable us to do what we are meant to do. Meditate, look within, pray for guidance and act.

The power at work within us is able to accomplish abundantly far more than all we can ask or imagine - introspection.

(((your inner

Is it a crime to help Black Americans? Is helping them, helping yourself?

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