Is it Johari or Jo Hari, are we without flaws?

Are your flaws just according to you? What would you momma say?

Clever, one name to describe two people.

Johari created by Joseph Luft and Harry Ingham in 1955, in the United States, used to help people better understand their relationship with self. The idea being if you better understand self, you better understand others.

What are you hiding, can you really be honest with yourself? Is it just based upon who you think you are?

So why would I spend so much time trying to understand others when the key is understanding self? Would it be to subdue them?

What about that part of us we see and show to others?

What is it that others see and we don't?

How large is your private space? Is it the larger the better? Self-Disclosure, Openness to Feedback & Perceptiveness or are you like most and just jump on the defensive? Are you open like most or are you different?

I like the Blind Spot, unknowns but it's upto the observer whether or not to reveal this information to you. What if you are a "two faced liar" can you handle the truth? Can you handle everybody else knowing what you do not know about yourself?

What about behaviors or motives not recognized by anyone, you have those traits concealed from you and others?

Two-faced and a liar, what good are you? ONe word to describe two people. The truth has to come out for people to get right. You might be fooling yourself, but I know who you are.

What would your momma say, Next time don't get caught.(((your inner

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