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The time is now!

Today, I saw former President Bush and President Obama "appear" together at the site of the former World Trade Center.

Why it took so long?

Well if you use that question as some indication of how you and I and the rest of the world stand...Why has it taken so long?

Why don't you take less than one minute to sign my petition - sign my petition

Have you ever wanted something so bad, you were really willing to do the work for it? OR would you give up on it to be like them?

How do they pull that off, when you can hardly make ends meet? Is the Obama, Bush difference just party lines? What's the difference between you and I? Sign

I didn't mean to leave out the ladies, but why is Mr. Bush walking closer to Michele than Laura? Is it that great of an attraction? Why isn't he holding Laura's hand - Poor Laura? Is it that he just didn't want to follow the lead? Is it that Laura just ain't wit it? Who comforted Laura as she broke down in tears? Does Laura wear the pants? Is he having a shoe throwing flash back? Or is it all the angle? You know! Where is that Condolessa lady? You See, somebody is always trying to start some shit.

I love and respect them all, will you do the same by me?

A first at 9/11 ceremony, this is supposed to be a historic moment. So why cannot we make history? Why is it always being made by somebody else? Help me make history Sign

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Being like them means

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