10 Years of Things Keep Getting Worse

As of 2011, America for the past 10 years has been getting progressively worse. What's happening?


Things are quickly getting worse at an alarming rate, not only in America but the world.

Discomfort and continuously getting worse? It would be interesting to know how this thought affects each of us, with the passing of time? Depressed for years, its getting worse. If things were doing so bad in your home, what would you do? What actually happens when you cut back?

How do you know it is getting worse? The things you used to do, you no longer can do them and the things you used to have, you no longer have them — dollars and sense. You can no longer enjoy a cigarette, a drink, a walk on the river or lake how do you get there - fuel? A good wholesome cheap sandwich without chemicals? People are having to buy less? What happened to our jobs? And people have lost confidence in our government - political battles, military conflicts, and ethnic complexities, crisis after crisis.

Why whould firms hire more labor, invest in new plants and equipment if they expect people will be cutting back on products and services?

How did we get here? Though a few of us profit, the whole fails to prosper - Globalization! Bribery, trickery, kickbacks and inflation have gone too far to turn around now. The repercussions are too great and the concept has to be reversed. The rich just keeps getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. More and more people are resorting to the devastating consequences of violence to achieve their purpose, many of which are supported by organizations.

Rationally thinking, people are cutting back because things are getting worse. As a result firms anticipate people cutting back and they cut back. In the blink of an eye, a once thriving society is brought to its knees - economic disaster. And things get worse and worse, at an alarming rate until they balance themselves off again!

So what can you do about that? Today-what-will-you-do Because things are quickly getting worse and worse in the world, we must work harder.

We must keep ourselves ready. How do you do that when the rest of the world is going the other way? It is a call to every one of us to realize and share our truths. Together, we will be writing a series of "things keep getting worse" articles for some time to come because that is what is happening.

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