Glass half empty or half full

Dangerous to your health emotionally and physically.

For many years I learned to work in the physical instead of the spiritual. Achieved success through trials and failures until I lost part of me. When I realized I had lost part of me, I was devastated and concluded something had to be taken away to fulfill my purpose.

People who consumed a pint daily reduced their risk of failing in life. Fishing for religion? Fish, I like to compare. Know for yourself and personal growth.

Know yourself. Should the question be asked, yes it should. By whom should it be asked? How often are you wrong? How wrong are you often? You are wrong well more than right. You gon take these wrongs and step up on them. Two wrongs will not make ONE right.

You should ask yourself …what is in it for me, how can I use this for my personal growth? When I grow, others grow, how? By my sharing with others the ups and downs of life that have gotten me to the place of given wisdom…the more I share/give the more is given to me. This is why I say, my glass is half full or half empty.

Why is it the way I look at it, mentally and physically, it tells me if it is half full, it is because I have given. Why am I keeping a fucking glass…full?

So why is your dumb ass still fishing for a religion? Have you caught any or are you fishing in the wrong place? Have you found yours, yet?

Be thankful, grateful you are not wasting time listening to religious bull shit. Has anything changed for the better or is it worse? Why the SOS? You should make it a daily giving of your glass. What does it prosper you to have a full glass when you have quenched your thirst? Hold on, a change is coming, for the best is yet to come.

Your stress will be relieved and in doing so, you relieve the stress of others. I don't need you to put junk on my wagon.

(((your inner

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