God Who Is God?

Just depends::: How do you want to be paid?

Truth, we are all searching for truths, the truth! Would we be searching if we found it or them? Tired of being confused?

Why would we pit one religion against another?

Why are Jews, Muslims and Christians continuously at war? Why would I have a formal education, which is doing me no good? Well, you need more education? Why would we look down upon our fellow man because he is not formally educated? How much more can we write job descriptions, knowing no one can fill them, not in their right minds anyway?

How much longer can we last like that? How much longer can we fool ourselves? How many kinds of love do you know? Which love do you trust? Where is your trust? Where is your faith? On one hand, God is the most important thing in your life and on the other you need, got to have, cannot live withoutmoney? Think about it,,,,,everything you do,,,,

How would that make Him feel? Influenced by material wealth? Utilities, how much do you pay for water? Divorce, crime so high? Politian’s? Doctors? Lawyers? Preachers? How high can one’s salary go? Why do we think our lifestyles vary so, when we all want the same thing?

Who doesn’t want a nice car, boat, truck, home, job, relationships? Everybody wants who they want, when they want it? So, why do feel you have to sneak around? Why can’t you just ask and be given,,,,,that’s what the bible says--Christians?

HEALTH CARE to HELP POOR PEOPLE? We pay for whores, criminals and we pay them well? Of all the things we need to know its life survival, HOW MANY OF THEM CAN YOU DO? How do you get milk from any animal? Can a country be more independent than its people? Can you afford to miss a couple of payments. Money is more serious than life? What about God? Who are you fooling?

God is! God is in you! You don’t need to pay tithes to learn that, to practice that, to dress-up or down or have casual Sunday? You don’t need to pay a funeral home to bury you. Wouldn’t death be a more honorable thing, if you did not have to pay in order to be buried? Nobody could nor would look down upon you?

God is not in the bible. God is not in the church. I don’t care how big, old, educated, wealthy, I am not saying God is not welcome, but if God ain’t first in you, where else could He be?

People will tell you a whole bunch of "bullshit" just to get your money. How can they get what you do not have? Do you have a job? You've got no ideas, but you have a good job? What good are your ideas when you have to pay someone else to make them come true?

Living without a job is a no brainer. Living without work is not possible. You have to be able to think how to do things for yourself, when you don't have a job? How do you make your dreams come true, without a dime? Are your dreams in the right order, what about frame of mind? Do You have to pay somebody to do your job? I like money just as much as the next fellow, but am I willing to sell my soul in order to get it?

Gold and Weapons of mass destruction makes a country, a world super power, but a country world super power DESTROYS THE WORLD.

I can't even afford to feed myself? I can donate to folks being fed/health care around the world, but I cannot get it at home? I can work a job doing stupid stuff/flipping hamburgers all day long and that is supposed to be my incentive to get a job? Though everything I buy is made in China, sold by the East Indians,,,,by the way, WHAT HAPPENED TO THE AMERICAN INDIANS? Now, I am reminded of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade! I don't know about them Indians, but if you asked a slave, Who is God?, he could tell you?

He could tell you where God is, where he lives every day, every hour, that you allow? All other is EVIL! So the next time you ask yourself, Where is God? Who is God? Where does God live? YOU WILL HAVE THE BEST ANSWER: God lives inside you and now, He's inside of me. Pass it on! LIve a better life and help others, your neighbors,,,HELP OTHERS DO THE SAME.

Don't make them feel guilty, dumb, stupid, ignorant,,,Show them the God that's in you. Show them through your work ethics, not ethnics? Show'em through how you live, not according to your job title.

How many Gods are there? How many people are there, Good people, God fearing souls? People who will not compromise their integrity for a dollar? True believers? They know because they live it, see it and don’t deny it? Doesn't matter, your title, neighborhood, the kind of car you don’t drive? Driving while texting? Driving while drunk? Driving while on official business? The driver’s test? Can you see an improvement in our driving skills? We have the best technology, the best autos, but what about our driving skills? Why are our insurance rates so high?

Does putting a rattle snake around your neck make you any better Christian than me? What about a robe?

God is from Within!

IN what form is God? God is in the form of LOVE and Love is in the form of Mother Nature? That's how I want to be paid. A country boy will survive.

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