The Absolute Truth!

Sometimes I think, Who is God? Yes, this God you pray and praise everyday or so you say? You get down on your knees. Do you ever think about Who He is? How big, How powerful? Why do so many see Him in so many different forms? Why are we so defensive in our opinions, discoveries and findings of God, if our God is who we say He is? Keep in mind it is pretty easy for us to profess one thing, when it really is another-- intentionally and unintentional?

Hear this problem; To ease the tension, we will fight to our death to defend our beliefs. After all the anger and blood shed, the victor credits his God and that particular belief is promoted, while the other is denounced. Why, when peace and prosperity is what we seek? Just like in a war, the winner takes all.

We have very little tolerance and patience for any beliefs that threaten our own. Tension, our own experience proves that no one wants anything forced upon them, but we continue to force and divide anyhow. It is going to be their way or no way!

We are born the same way, live upon the same land and returned to the same earth. We must have food, water and shelter. We all have the same desire to love, live and help each other to do the same.

We must respect the fact that God, of the people, for the people by the people, can reveal himself in any shape, form or fashion, not desire. It is well above understanding. Further, whatever form we believe is God that is our personal belief, which is the first thing removed from our profession opinions? See what I mean. Like the individual differences in each us does not make one of us better than the other and we need each other to better survive. Why do we fight it? Can we do it?

Through setting good examples and sharing, would not every person welcome the simple belief that God is Love, no matter the form we choose to represent our God. That He and/or She loves and is responsible for every little thing upon the earth, whether we agree or not.

We do not know, we know we do not know and it is intended to be that way. If you think it is a scary world now, how would it be if we knew? One person or group may become boastful and/or take advantage of another for thinking he knows. That is seld-defeating. Someone who might understand this better than I.

No amount of books or scriptures can bring about Absolute truth. Things are changing too fast! The Absolute Truth can only be discovered from within.

Knowing ‘about’ God is not nearly enough – to truly know God, YOU must surrender all beliefs and walk the path into the unknown.

Live and help live.

(((your inner voice)))

The sounds of God!



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